Friday, November 6, 2009

oh the places you'll go...

Ok... so here's some stuff from our stint on the road so far this fall... it's out of order... but it's here...

Doesn't everyone want to be on the list? This was in the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco.

From the Blue Moon Tavern in Seattle... most everyone I know likes ice cream...

When all else fails you can just reference a movie line...this is from the Hut in Tucson AZ

where truer words ever spoken in a ladies room at a bar... still from the Hut

the last from the Hut... sometimes you love things so much you forget how to spell simple words...

i'm pretty sure that this was also from the Blue Moon in Seattle... but mostly I like that it was on the ceiling...

This was a sign in a Thai food place in San Francisco... I always wash my hands after watching network news...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Starting with the best from the past...

It's overdue for me to start this blog... I've wanted to do it for a while now... One of the things about being on the road so much is getting the experience of seeing A LOT of public restrooms, and thus a lot of bathroom graffiti. I wanted to start out with sharing my favorite graffiti from our previous adventures. The pictures are from the ladies room at the SOUNDPONY in Tulsa OK... I'll follow soon with the nuggets from the current tour... enjoy...

Monday, September 21, 2009

new location for blog updates

hey y'all. just wanted to make sure you knew that our tour blog is now being hosted at FINNRIGGINS.COM so go visit us over there and continue to keep up with our travels!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

new album VS WILDERNESS + Fall 2009 Tour of the Western States

oh man.
been lettin this blog get dusty this summer... but for good reason! lots of exciting things have been in the works. our new full length album is done! it's called VS WILDERNESS and we're super excited about it. it will be officially released nationwide on OCT 13th and once again the amazing folks at Tender Loving Empire handling everything with it. in fact, you can pre-order the album from them right now, follow this link: VS WILDERNESS PRE-ORDER

also, we're excited to announce that the new album will be available two weeks early exclusively through iTunes on September 29th.

once again Lloyd E Winter IV did all the album artwork and it's absolutely gorgeous. pumped to share it with y'all!!

which we'll be doing via a monster Tour of the Western States this Fall!! including a nice stretch of shows with Built To Spill and Disco Doom in November. so excited for all of these and to get out there and see y'all and share all these new tunes with you. as for all of our Midwest, Eastern and Southern friends, we apologize for the delay, but we promise we'll be out there in the springtime. thank god.


9/19 PORTLAND, OR -- Music Fest Northwest @ East End
9/24 BEND, OR @ Silver Moon Brewery w/ Church
9/25 LA GRANDE , OR @ The Crawlspace w/ Church + Yeah Great Fine
9/26 GARDEN CITY (boise), ID @ Visual Arts Collective w/ Talkdemonic + Church
9/30 MISSOULA, MT @ The Badlander w/ Drunken Prayer + Broken Valley Roadshow
10/1 SPOKANE, WA @ The Empyrean w/ Little Teeth
10/2 CLARKSTON, WA @ Hogan's w/ The Murrs
10/3 MOSCOW, ID @ 1912 Community Center w/ The Holiday Friends + Rhythmmemory
10/6 BOISE, ID @ Record Exchange
10/7 PENDLETON, OR @ Pendleton Center for the Arts
10/8 MCCALL, ID @ Forester's w/ Jared Mees & The Grown Children
10/9 GARDEN CITY (boise), ID @ Visual Arts Collective CD RELEASE PARTY w/ Le Fleur + Boy Eats Drum Machine + Jared Mees & The Grown Children + A Seasonal Disguise + Vagerfly
10/10 PORTLAND, OR @ Berbati’s Pan PDX CD RELEASE PARTY w/ Jared Mees & The Grown Children + World's Greatest Ghosts + Typhoon
10/12 SALEM, OR @ The Space w/ Phantom!
10/13 OLYMPIA, WA @ Kitty X House
10/14 BREMERTON, WA @ The Hi-Fidelity Lounge
10/15 BELLINGHAM, WA @ Whaam All Ages @ The Old Foundry w/ Go Slowpoke + Keaton Collective
10/16 SEATTLE, WA @ Blue Moon w/ Doctor Doctor
10/17 EUGENE, OR @ house show w/ The Daveys
10/18 ASHLAND, OR @ Alex's Restaurant w/ Kites & Crows
10/19 MT SHASTA, CA @ The Stage Door w/ The Lottery
10/20 CHICO, CA @ Chico State University --noontime--
10/22 SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Hemlock Tavern w/ The Dont's + Total Hound
10/23 SANTA CRUZ, CA @ The Crepe Place
10/24 SANTA BARBARA, CA @ Muddy Waters Cafe w/ Verna Beware
10/28 LOS ANGELES, CA @ Silverlake Lounge w/ Starving Daughters
10/29 SAN DIEGO, CA @ Bar Pink
10/30 TUCSON, AZ @ The Hut
10/31 LAS CRUCES, NM @ halloween house show
11/1 PHOENIX, AZ @ The Ruby Room
11/3 PROVO, UT @ house show w/ Shark Speed
11/4 SALT LAKE CITY, UT @ The Woodshed w/ Shark Speed
11/5 LOGAN, UT @ Why Sound
11/6 POCATELLO, ID @ Benton Street w/ Spondee
11/7 REXBURG, ID @ Hogi Yogi's Attic w/ Spondee
11/11 BOISE, ID @ Neurolux
11/12 MOSCOW, ID @ John's Alley
11/13 PORTLAND, OR @ Wonder Ballroom w/ Built To Spill + Disco Doom
11/14 PORTLAND, OR @ Wonder Ballroom w/ Built To Spill + Disco Doom
11/15 EUGENE, OR @ Wow Hall w/ Built To Spill + Disco Doom
11/17 BELLINGHAM, WA @ The Nightlight w/ Built To Spill + Disco Doom
11/18 VANCOUVER, BC @ Commodore Ballroom w/ Built To Spill + Disco Doom
11/19 SEATTLE, WA @ The Showbox w/ Built To Spill + Disco Doom
11/20 SEATTLE, WA @ The Showbox w/ Built To Spill + Disco Doom
11/21 SPOKANE, WA @ Knitting Factory w/ Built To Spill + Disco Doom
12/2 SALT LAKE CITY, UT @ Kilby Court
12/3 VAIL, CO @ Agave
12/4 DENVER, CO @ Hi-Dive w/ The Pseudo Dates + Vitamins
12/5 NEDERLAND, CO @ First Street Pub

more december dates to be announced soon. keep up with updates at

see you soon!
the finn rigginses

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

spring NW tour!!

updates updates updates.

rad shows the last couple of weeks. a big Benefit for the Boise Bicycle Project at the Visual Arts Collective on April 17th with the freight train of fun Jared Mees & The Grown Children and our fellow Boise rippers Le Fleur and Juntura. raise a bunch of money for the BBP and had a whale of a time. the next day, The Grown Children and us headed to La Grande for another amazing chapter in the epic annuals of The Crawlspace... offically Crawlspace VI. with Test Audiences and City of Animals who were better than ever. a surprise set from pretty radical travelling troubadors Come Gather Round Us sealed the deal for what was possibly one of the best Crawlspace shows ever...

thanks to our buddy Shaun Daniel, here's a glimpse into the crawlspace vortex... and of one of our new songs... :
"Wake" by Finn Riggins (Live at Crawlspace VI)

then last friday we helped host a sweaty sweaty dance party at Fresshies in Hailey... a classic indeed. Fresshies never fails. they know how to bring it and our love affair is a magnificent one. on Saturday we played a private birthday party in Fairfield at the ancient Breezie's Outlaws Saloon. it was off the hook. amazing people. amazing stuff on the walls. amazing party.

in between all this we've been finishing up writing for the new record and preparing for our little NW tour... starts tomorrow. as soon as we get back, we head in to the studio for 4 days. followed by the shows with Built To Spill. busy times. but the big ball is rolling and we're excited for it all.

below are the next month of shows, as always, help getting the word to people in these areas is appreciated to the power of forever.

4/29 MISSOULA, MT @ The Badlander w/ The Chalfonts + The Magic Square
*4/30 LEWISTON, ID @ Lewis & Clark State College SUB Ampitheatre 11am-1pm
4/30 MOSCOW, ID @ John's Alley w/ The Holiday Friends
5/1 SANDPOINT, ID @ Three Glasses
5/2 CLARKSTON, WA @ Hogan's Pub w/ Bart Budwig
*5/3 MOSCOW, ID @ Moscow Renaissance Fair in East City Park
*5/5 SPOKANE, WA @ The Empyrean w/ local guests
5/6 SEATTLE, WA @ The Comet Tavern w/ The Globes + The Glasses + The Magic Mirrors
*5/7 PORTLAND, OR @ Tender Loving Empire for 1st Thursday w/ Church
5/8 BELLINGHAM, WA @ The Rogue Hero w/ The Russians + The Mumbles
5/15 GARDEN CITY (boise), ID @ VaC opening for BUILT TO SPILL. w/ Juntura
*5/16 EAGLE, ID @ Eagle Island Experience Festival w/ Built to Spill + others
5/20 BOISE, ID @ Neurolux opening for MIKE WATT
*5/22 HAILEY, ID @ Sun Valley Brewery w/ Tartufi + Low Red Land
*5/23 the sticks, ID @ Ranch Fest w/ Tartufi + Low Red Land + Test Audiences + Le Fleur + Hillfolk Noir + Milo Duke + Piers Lamb + stars + bbq + camping + beer + fun

*denotes ALL AGES show
full details at

check out Lisa playing drums:

and hot Cam:

to see more photos of hot Cam and his hairdos and more by Rachael Dara Fisher go here

also, here are a couple of photos from the Cherry City Music Festival we played in Salem, OR a few weeks ago... courtesy of Sam Guerrero:

for more photos from CCMF and from the Tender Loving Empire vaults go to

that's it for now. more soon.

Monday, April 13, 2009

thank god it's springtime

took a nice long break from this particular blogosphere.... wanted to throw some updates your way...

Boise has been treating us very very very well. we've been loving it here and the music scene we walked in to has been very welcoming and is particularly vibrant right now... which has been exciting.

back in February we took part in a really cool event that featured 26 Boise bands over two nights at the Visual Arts Collective for ROTATING TONGUES 2 -- a local festival and live compilation recording. each band played one warm up song and then two brand new songs they'd never recorded or performed live before. it was an amazing event to witness and be a part of. the fruit from that endeavor is being harvest this coming weekend as the double disc compilation is being officially released on Saturday April 18th -- National Independent Record Store Day. our new song The Collider kicks off disc 2. you can get a sneakpeak of that tune on our myspace site as well as some brief back story on the song on our myspace blog... for more info on the record as a whole go to very excited to hear the whole thing because all the bands really rose to the occasion.

that event really got the ball rolling for what's been a spring very focused on new material as we prepare to record a new album in May... we've been starting to air out some of the new songs at recent shows including this past weekend in Oregon... great shows in Pendleton and Ashland and capped off with the Tender Loving Empire / Boy Gorilla Showcase at the IKE Box in Salem for the Cherry City Music Festival. what a fantastic weekend. we had a blast and want to thank everyone that came out and rocked out. and thanks for all the feedback on the new material! there will probably be some photos posted from CCMF on the TLE blog soon...

been playing a bunch of fun local and regional shows this spring... including 3 days with LOW RED LAND just over a week ago, a sweet St. Patrick's Day show in Boise with IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAIN and MICROBABIES, a wild set at Tubapalooza up in McCall in a snowstorm -- i had snowdrifts on my keyboards!! -- it was amazing. also a fun benefit back in March for a really cool and crafty crew doing some rad things for the Boise community called THE MEND PROJECT. also a couple of great trips back up to our old stomping grounds of Hailey for shows at Fresshies and the Sun Valley Brewery and an epic bithday party for our friend Tibby in her sister's living room... and lots of great stuff at the coolest venue in the NW -- Visual Arts Collective -- located in Garden City, which just happens to be in the middle of Boise... weird, i know, but true. and awesome

and that was all during our "break"... in two weeks we leave for a 2 week NW tour and as soon as we get back from that we go in to the studio to track the new record (slated to be released in September on Tender Loving Empire!!) followed immediately with two shows with Built To Spill then a show with Mike Watt & The Missingmen then our big Ranch Fest party out near Fairfield on the Bouiss ranch for Cam's birthday featuring a bunch of our band friends (Tartufi + Low Red Land + Test Audiences + Le Fleur + Hillfolk Noir + Milo Duke + Piers Lamb)... all in the 2 weeks right after tour... so yeah, May is going to be pretty crazy. all very very very exciting stuff though... we won't be doing any major US touring again until the fall when the record comes out, but we'll be playing locally and regionally a decent amount this spring and summer as well as enjoying Idaho while we're here... definitely need to get outside in the mountains!! our most up-to-date show schedule is at lots and lots of stuff on the horizon... more info on the new album to come to light soon soon soon....

oh yeah, another new track will be released in about a month on the new Tender Loving Empire compilation that will be released on May 16th. our tune MAHONEY is on disc 2. this year's TLE comp is bigger and badder than ever. one full disc of only Portland acts and one disc for non-Portlanders. some names you might recognize on this year's comp: Starfucker, Jared Mees & The Grown Children, Tune-Yards, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Kickball, World's Greatest Ghosts, Super XX Man, Dirty Mittens, Typhoon, Low Red Land, Halloween Swim Team, The Dont's, Geographer, Small Sur and on and on and on. sooooo exciting. for more info go to

anyways, that's a quick run through of what's been happening and what's going to happen. will try and keep this a little more up-to-date as we move forward...

thanks for listening.
on behalf of all of us here at camp finn riggins...

PS if you haven't already found us on facebook... we're right here

Monday, January 26, 2009

JANUARY 2009 WEST COAST TOUR PART II: mt shasta! eugene! portland! salem! astoria!

///the tour headed north and to chillier weather once again, but we continued to be blessed with plenty of sunshine and great shows...

1/13/09 The Stage Door MT. SHASTA, CA

after a lazy morning in Stockton, we beelined north toward the great mountain looming in the distance. Mt. Shasta is known to many to be an energy vortex and we certainly can't deny such claims based on the fact that every time we've been there there's been an element of magic in the air. this night would bring that front and center. despite being a Tuesday night, a bunch of people came out and turned The Stage Door into a rippin good time.

locals The Exorcism of Wilford Brimley opened the night with their hard to pin down proggy eclectic shreddery. with two of them still in high school, they helped get out a younger crowd. it was rad. they were a lot of fun. and big thanks to our friend Sarabecca who with the help of her promotional arm Girl Genius Music Promotions turned this Tuesday on its head. check out the video of the last song of our encore below... not the best of quality, but you get a good sense of the party... thanks to our "tour manager" Rachael for the footage...

"PANCAKES" at the end of our encore:
object width="480" height="295">

we stayed that night with our friends Esther and Richard whom we met when we toured through Shasta with the beloved Evy Llyan... we had a great time with them and they were very generous with their space and even surprised us with post-show snacks when we got there! major bonus.

1/14/09 Sam Bond's Garage EUGENE, OR

woke up in the morning at Esther and Richard's and when we walked out to head to breakfast we found our driver side mirror in the middle of the road as someone had clipped in the middle of the night and didn't bother to fess up to their crime... it was mostly funny, but kind of bummer as the cost of fixing it loomed over us... but if there's one thing tour teaches you that's the ability to roll with the punches... and so we headed to the Black Bear Diner and indulged in a glorious breakfast with the sun shining up over Mt. Shasta, and when we got back to the van we borrowed some duct tape from Richard and strapped the shattered mirror back on and continued north...

it was a pretty drive up into Oregon and we rolled in to Eugene just after dark amidst an appropriate amount of fog. it had been over a year since we'd last played in Eugene since we had to cancel our June date there at the last minute due to Cam's grandma falling ill... so we were excited to be back at Sam Bond's Garage and we had hooked up with THE DAVEYS once again who we'd missed playing with that time... this ended up being a really fun show. The Daveys were a blast and Sam Bond's never fails us. met a bunch of rad people and got the big disco ball going round and round and round. and the fog outside only added to the mystery of it all.

afterwards we saddled up the Ghost Ghost and headed to Portland... we were psyched. it was a joyous ride all the way there. we rolled in to the Mees lair around 2:30 in the AM and did our best to contain our excitement and ease ourself into sleep...

1/15/09 Doug Fir PORTLAND, OR

this in many ways was the culmination of tour... we hatched the vision for this show while in Wyoming waiting for James Brown -- the Grown Children tour wagon -- to get fixed in the midst of our tour out to CMJ in New York City with Jared Mees and co. the rest of the tour was pretty much built around it. not only was it our first time back to Portland since Music Fest Northwest in September, but it was a reunion of sorts for us and our beloved family, the entourage, our teammates JARED MEES and THE GROWN CHILDREN

this show was sooooooo much fun. some other PDX buddies WORLD'S GREATEST GHOSTS opened the show. they absolutely destroy. please check them out. and they're good people. thankful to keep such good company. by the middle of their set the place was pretty well filled out... i think the rest of this can be told in some pics (all of these below were taken by Sam Guerrero):




there are a bunch more photos from the Doug Fir that Sam Guerrero took if you go to the TenderLoving Empire flickr site. or there are a bunch more as well as others from our tour at

the Doug Fir show was rowdy. tons of old and new friends there. it was a ton of fun. thanks to everyone that came out and to everyone that helped make it happen.

1/16/09 IKE Box SALEM, OR

friday night marked our return to our favorite former morgue in Oregon... the IKE Box. it was another foggy night as we drove in, which seemed perfect in so many ways. show that night was good. nice crew of kids out and up for the adventure. local DSR opened with his haunting tunes and voice. really enjoyed his set. Julian from Mill Race sat in on keys for a couple of tunes, which was rad. Jared Mees & The Grown Children followed and were in hilarious form. like i told them at the end of their set, i really do enjoy their sets that are 2 parts music 1 part comedy. it was a riot. rad rad rad Salem trio MILL RACE followed. we've played with them several times now and absolutely love their quirk and skill. pretty wild stuff. we closed the night out. it was good. i sweated a lot. which is good. there was dancing. and hooting and hollering. all things good. we're thankful to have such nice people come to our shows when we're away from home. THANK YOU.

1/17/09 day off. PORTLAND, OR

goes completely against my nature to purposely schedule a day off on a Saturday of tour, but we desperately wanted some quality time with people we love that we don't get to see very often. all of this happened on this day. if we were lucky enough to spend time with you on this day and you're reading this right now know that we are very grateful for the time we spent together. it was an amazing day. it will not be recounted here for we saw and hugged and played with too many awesome people to go into all the gory details. just know that we love you and look forward to more of what we had on this day. THANK YOU.

this is a piece of truth we found in our friend Lucas's OZ Cafe:

1/18/08 Fort George Brewery ASTORIA, OR

had a nice luxurious morning before piling us, our "tour manager" Rachael, Jared and Brianne Mees and Jeni Rose into the Ghost Ghost and taking a family road trip over to the Oregon Coast and the mouth of the Columbia and more importantly the beloved home of the Goonies... Astoria, OR... we rolled in as the sun had just set and decided we'd take advantage of the joy ride offered by the huge bridge bridging the Columbia and connecting Washington and Oregon... so we sailed our trusty steed up and over and across the mighty Columbia and then back across and over and down into the nice little town of Astoria...

show was at the Fort George Brewery as part of their Sunday night Astoria Hideouts series. they fed us some fine fine morsels and we set up and played for close to two hours. ended up playing lots of old stuff and sort of aired out the rep. it was really fun and a great end to this little west coast tour. had a great time with Jared and Brianne all weekend, but the family roadtrip capped it off nicely. especially with the addition of Jeni Rose.

we headed back to Portland after the show. and slept in the next day before heading back to Idaho and our new home in Boise.

thanks to everyone that made this little tour sooooooo much fun. really. thank you. it wouldn't have been the same without you.

here are a couple of pretty photos on our drive home:



///reporting for all of us finn rigginses.


Friday, January 23, 2009

JAN 2009 WEST COAST TOUR PART I: Reno, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Sacramento! Low Red Land and more!

///another west coast tour in the bag. it was a fantastic one. we're thankful for the springlike weather in the Bay Area and even up in the Portland area -- lots of sunshine and clear roads -- and thankful to our "tour manager" Rachael, to Low Red Land, to Jared Mees and The Grown Children and to everyone else that came out to the shows, everyone that played with us, danced, put us up, pitched in in any sort of way... we had a blast. here's a recap:

1/7/09 Red Rock Bar RENO, NV

our "tour manager" Rachael had flown out from North Carolina to help keep our mast pointed skyward and our ship sailing in the right direction... for the most part, it was her first taste of the west... and we were excited to share it with her. after a couple of days of taking in some of the finer things Idaho has to offer, we packed her and her massive suitcase (appropriately nicknamed the "man eater") into the Ghost Ghost and sailed into the barren wastelands of Nevada for an 8 hour drive through the desert... not the best introduction to the West, but an appropriate one.

show that night was at the Red Rock Bar, an art bar of sort that our friends in Portland-based No Go Know had recommended to us. we played downstairs in the billiard room, a cozy living room like space. the place was rad, and we were psyched to be in better hands in Reno this time around as the clientele and staff were quality folks. that and both locals we played with were stellar and great to work with. Check out The Touques... they played first and are sweet. then after us The Copied Copied played. they were hilarious and really fantastic. power went out toward the end of their set and they did a good job of rolling with it.

after the show, we piled in and made the trek through the foggy night over Donner Pass and down in to San Francisco... we rolled in around 5am with a spirited mustachioed Mark Devito awaiting us at his apartment in The Mission....

for those of you unfamiliar, Mark is the drummer for Low Red Land, he hosted us for the next 5 days... he took very good care of us... and he kicked my ass in basketball a day later...

1/8/09 Monterey Live MONTEREY, CA

this was the first of 4 shows with LOW RED LAND who absolutely destroy and have become like brothers to us all. so we were psyched to be getting a good solid dose of them. we got in town just as the sun was setting and headed to the beach to take in the Monterey Bay. saw some seals swimming around and a bunch of tide pool life. it was beautiful out.

show that night was great. Monterey Live is a cool little place right in downtown. nice small theater vibe to it. good crowd out. Low Red Land sounded as good as ever. local rockers Beezle closed the night out to a rowdy crowd of local lovers. we made a bunch of new friends.

1/9/09 The Crepe Place SANTA CRUZ, CA

woke up in San Francisco and took advantage of yet another beautiful day as it got up to 60 degrees and was incredibly sunny out. Mark and I met some of his friends up at a basketball court on Knob Hill from which you can see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. while Lisa, Rachael and Cam walked around the nearby wharf and some other sites, i got absolutely punished on the basketball court proving to myself once again that i need to find more ways to get exercise. the view was awesome though.

we rolled in to Santa Cruz well after dark, but we were stoked to be back. had a great show at The Crepe Place in June and this one didn't disappoint. ate some unreal crepes and then rocked the place out. Adam and his crew are awesome. once again Low Red Land lived up to my internal hype. former locals March of The Mannequins closed the night out with their three-guitar assault and good humor. their van looked like a monster truck. it was amazing.

1/10/09 El Rio SAN FRANCISCO, CA

went on a nice walk through the mission on our way to brunch at Luna Park where Mark works and was working this day.... had the most amazing breakfast. the most amazing french toast, bloody marys, fruit, eggs, etc etc etc. and a smores fondue for dessert. it was ridiculous. spent the afternoon sleeping it off.

show that night was off the hook. our friend Lynne from TARTUFI had hooked the show up and was bartending the whole night. made for a pretty wild show. El Rio is rad, has an outdoor area and a separate bar area and a show area. lots of people everywhere. caught up with Joe from THE DONT'S as well as Brian from Tartufi and lots of other SF friends. really good to be back there.

locals THE PROVISIONALS opened the show. really dug their set. dancey and fun tunes. they were followed by BY SUNLIGHT from Seattle and their epic tunes. their myspace describes them as Steely Dan Real Estate which i'd say is fairly accurate. check em out. good guys. Robert (guitar player) recorded the new Low Red Land record that we absolutely love. we played after them and then LOW RED LAND crushed the place to end the night.

afterwards, sleep was written off as a last cause and we romped around until the sun came up... it was hilarious.

oh yeah, it was a full moon... i'm sure that had something to do with it...

1/11/09 day off. san francisco, ca

we embraced this day off with open arms... granted the lack of sleep the night before helped... we pretty much married ourselves to the couch all day and some of us boys watched a bunch of football. Cam and Rachael, who had managed more sleep the night before, showed some initiative and cruised out to Half Moon Bay for part of the day. they get a merit badge. then we all made dinner together and went to bed early.

1/12/09 The Press Club. SACRAMENTO, CA

monday night Club Pow! at The Press Club. we played first, then geared up for a night of reverie with our buddy Travis Silvers who'd made the trek up from Stockton for the show. Low Red Land played after us and we clung to every moment as it was our last show with them on this trip. they were louder and better than ever. you could tell that they were in their element and could really let 'er rip. it was rad.

after them, a sweet female fronted band from San Francisco called LOVE LIKE FIRE played. really enjoyed their set. really nice people too. THE DEFINITE ARTICLES from SF and Sac closed the night out.

afterwards we said our sad sad goodbyes to Mark, Neil and Ben of Low Red Land and then sailed our landsharks off to Stockton to crash with T. Silvers for the night.

///good place for a break. consider that Part I. i'll post the rest of the tour soon. i'm off to take a walk and breathe some fresh air...

///for all of us finn rigginses
///love, gilbert

PS there are a bunch more tour photos posted on in the January 2009 West Coast Tour album

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009! Boise! West Coast Tour! NYE! La Grande! Wow!

///wow. been just over 2 weeks since we posted here... and so much has happened... christmas, 60 inches of snow, lots and lots of shoveling, lots and lots of cookies eaten, wild and super fun show at Fresshies in Hailey, incredible New Year's Eve show at The Crawlspace in La Grande, OR with a rad rad group of people and the amazing Test Audiences crew and our beloved and longtime friend Milo Duke... a fantastic kickoff to 2009... still reeling from it's awesomeness....

and as of a few days ago, Finn Riggins has officially relocated to Boise, which we're very very excited about. all kinds of great things happening around here and it's exhilarating being in the midst of it all. so much so that we intend to stay relatively close to home for the next several months with no extended touring planned until at least May as we work on a new record... except for this little two week West Coast Tour that we leave for tomorrow...

1/7 RENO,​ NV @ Red Rock Studi​os
*1/8 MONTE​REY,​ CA @ Monte​rey Live
*1/9 SANTA​ CRUZ,​ CA @ The Crepe​ Place​
*​1/​10 SAN FRANC​ISCO,​ CA @ El Rio
*​1/​12 SACRA​MENTO​,​ CA @ The Press​ Club for CLUB POW!
1/13 MOUNT​ SHAST​A,​ CA @ The Stage​ Door
1/14 EUGEN​E,​ OR @ Sam Bond'​s Garag​e
# 1/15 PORTL​AND,​ OR @ Doug Fir
# 1/16 SALEM​,​ OR @ the IKE Box
1/18 ASTOR​IA,​ OR @ Fort Georg​e Brewe​ry
1/20 BOISE​,​ ID @ TBA -- Obama​ inaug​urati​on party​!​!​
1/27 GARDE​N CITY,​ ID @ Visua​l Arts Colle​ctive​
1/29 SPOKA​NE,​ WA @ Baby Bar
1/30 MOSCO​W,​ ID @ 1912 Cente​r -- Frien​ds of the Clear​water​ Benef​it
1/31 KELLO​GG,​ ID @ Dirty​ Ernie​'​s -- USCSA​ Colle​giate​ Ski Races​ after​ party​!​!​

* w/ Low Red Land (san franc​isco)​
# w/ Jared​ Mees and The Grown​ Child​ren (​portl​and)​

for full detai​ls on each show visit​ our myspace site www.myspa​ce.​com/​finnr​iggin​s

here's a good picture of Milo Duke celebrating late night on New Year's Eve...

see you soon.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Utah! Southeastern Idaho! ping-pong ping-pong! dance prtys! snow and ice age!

///last weekend was fun. super fun. we played in Logan, Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah and in a fun little college town near Napoleon Dynamite country called Pocatello, ID. we played with friends. it snowed. we played ping-pong till our elbows were sore. the weekend ended with a wild dance party at the Nash. there was sweat. there was laughter. there was shady late night mexican food. there were no regrets. and only slight tummy aches.

please listen to Asher in the Rye if you want fun and classy tunes. Ashlee is awesome. played with her and Julia Mecham in Logan and SLC. we could hug them and squeeze them and love them forever.

also in love with Spondee and those holding down the Pocatello fort, the terrific and keytar wielding Warbonnet. they aided in the awesomeness saturday night in Poky. Spondee also made it down to Logan on thursday.

also check out SLC locals Patter Stats... we had a great time with them as well.

ASHER IN THE RYE 12/12/08 Kilby Court SLC, UT

ASHER IN THE RYE 12/11/08 Why Sound Logan, UT

PATTER STATS 12/12/08 Kilby Court SLC, UT

SPONDEE 12/11/08 Why Sound Logan, UT

SPONDEE 12/13/08 First National Pocatello, ID

WARBONNET 12/13/08 First National Pocatello, ID

thanks to Gary and Christina for the 16 bean soup and the ping-pong tourney.