Thursday, December 18, 2008

Utah! Southeastern Idaho! ping-pong ping-pong! dance prtys! snow and ice age!

///last weekend was fun. super fun. we played in Logan, Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah and in a fun little college town near Napoleon Dynamite country called Pocatello, ID. we played with friends. it snowed. we played ping-pong till our elbows were sore. the weekend ended with a wild dance party at the Nash. there was sweat. there was laughter. there was shady late night mexican food. there were no regrets. and only slight tummy aches.

please listen to Asher in the Rye if you want fun and classy tunes. Ashlee is awesome. played with her and Julia Mecham in Logan and SLC. we could hug them and squeeze them and love them forever.

also in love with Spondee and those holding down the Pocatello fort, the terrific and keytar wielding Warbonnet. they aided in the awesomeness saturday night in Poky. Spondee also made it down to Logan on thursday.

also check out SLC locals Patter Stats... we had a great time with them as well.

ASHER IN THE RYE 12/12/08 Kilby Court SLC, UT

ASHER IN THE RYE 12/11/08 Why Sound Logan, UT

PATTER STATS 12/12/08 Kilby Court SLC, UT

SPONDEE 12/11/08 Why Sound Logan, UT

SPONDEE 12/13/08 First National Pocatello, ID

WARBONNET 12/13/08 First National Pocatello, ID

thanks to Gary and Christina for the 16 bean soup and the ping-pong tourney.


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