Thursday, December 18, 2008

Utah! Southeastern Idaho! ping-pong ping-pong! dance prtys! snow and ice age!

///last weekend was fun. super fun. we played in Logan, Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah and in a fun little college town near Napoleon Dynamite country called Pocatello, ID. we played with friends. it snowed. we played ping-pong till our elbows were sore. the weekend ended with a wild dance party at the Nash. there was sweat. there was laughter. there was shady late night mexican food. there were no regrets. and only slight tummy aches.

please listen to Asher in the Rye if you want fun and classy tunes. Ashlee is awesome. played with her and Julia Mecham in Logan and SLC. we could hug them and squeeze them and love them forever.

also in love with Spondee and those holding down the Pocatello fort, the terrific and keytar wielding Warbonnet. they aided in the awesomeness saturday night in Poky. Spondee also made it down to Logan on thursday.

also check out SLC locals Patter Stats... we had a great time with them as well.

ASHER IN THE RYE 12/12/08 Kilby Court SLC, UT

ASHER IN THE RYE 12/11/08 Why Sound Logan, UT

PATTER STATS 12/12/08 Kilby Court SLC, UT

SPONDEE 12/11/08 Why Sound Logan, UT

SPONDEE 12/13/08 First National Pocatello, ID

WARBONNET 12/13/08 First National Pocatello, ID

thanks to Gary and Christina for the 16 bean soup and the ping-pong tourney.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008 live performance and interview 10/20/08

///back on the morning of October 20th on our way to Cleveland, OH we stopped in Columbus, OH to film a live performance and interview with at 1305 Studios... they posted it in three separate videos and we thought it would be fun to share them with y'all... we played DeTamble Wings, Pancakes and Geology and discussed the tunes and several other hot topics... check out what came of it. thanks to Brian Phillips and the Palestra and 1305 Studio crews for having us and taking such good care of us... not sure we could've rocked before noon otherwise!! it was a lot of fun...

PART 1. DeTamble Wings

Part 2. Pancakes

Part 3. Geology


spine of idaho!! boise community radio!! super xx awesomness!!

///above is the view from the top of Whitebird Hill just North of Riggins, ID... after all the miles and epic drives we've travelled all around this country, we were present once again to how incredible the north-south drive through Idaho is... what we like to call the spine of idaho... 6 hours of diverse and glorious country, most of which following either the Payette or Salmon Rivers... if you've never been, it comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... and from some folks that have driven a whole helluva lot of roads in the lower 48.

last weekend we drove that drive north for shows in Moscow, ID and Clarkston, WA with our friend and labelmate Scott Garred aka Super XX Man. and then back down the same gorgeous way for Boise Community Radio Benefit at the Visual Arts Collective in Garden City on Saturday night... Super XX Man played that as well.

thursday's show was a bit of an experiment as we set Super XX Man up at the One World Cafe with local Bart Budwig for an all ages and free early show, then when that was done we started the show right down the street at John's Alley with Yarn Owl from Pullman, WA... they were rad. played with Ted and Javier before when they were in Ether Hour, really like this new project of theirs... mostly focused on Javier's songs. very cool. after them we closed the place down with a couple of long sets. the Alley was rowdy as usual and led to a late late night... thanks Simba for the late night Kenyan food!!

and thanks once again to the McMurtry's for hosting a pre-show dinner at their place with us and Scott. chicken & dumplins! oh my!

friday's show was really special because Scott grew up in Clarkston and hadn't played there in several years. we got to meet his mom Jean and she was very nice to open up her house to us and to cook us a good 'ol American breakfast in the morning! show was really fun that night. really cool crowd came out to see Super XX Man and he slayed them with a bunch of songs about growing up in Clarkston and around the Clearwater River and whatnot. heartwarming to say the least. we were excited to be back at Hogan's in general as we love the place, but this was a great added bonus. thanks again to Tony and Skate and Bailey and Sam and the rest of the Hogan's staff... they took great care of us and rocked out with us until closing time... Scott took some great pictures from here and from the whole weekend and posted them on his photo blog for the Willamette Week's Local Cut... check it out here (his camera is much nicer than mine)

a huge honor travelling and playing these shows with Scott and fun to get his insight on things. he's put out 12 albums now as Super XX Man! so cool. and he currently works as a music therapist at a mental institute in Oregon and it's obvious that he's great at this job. his 12th album "There Will Be Diamonds" just came out on Tender Loving Empire last month and it has some amazing tunes on it... definitely recommend picking it up if you haven't already...

last show of our little mini-tour was a Boise tour homecoming show for us and a benefit for Boise Community Radio, which we are really excited to support, especially as we're moving to Boise... finally the Treasure Valley has independent radio!! not fully on air yet, but well on its way once the fundage is raised. all very exciting. so thanks to Gavin + Jeff + Art Hodge + everyone else involved with helping get BCR off the ground!

show that night was at our new favorite venue -- the Visual Arts Collective or VAC. and our new friends The Very Most from Boise were nice enough to play with us... great to finally see them! Jeremy writes fantastic tunes and i have a hunch we'll be seeing a lot of them, and probably playing a bunch more together... and we'll be sharing a practice space with them come the beginning of the year!! glory glory! Scott played after them to a really really appreciative crowd. nice long set and at the end Lisa and I jumped up and sang the backup vocals on "Medication" -- a song that i absolutely love. it was really fun.

thanks to everyone that came out for the cause and to welcome us home! and for sticking around, it was a really fun show and it was great to see all your smiling faces! thanks to Jeremy Martin for donating his time behind the soundboard, and to Julia Green for donating her time and effort on the beautiful poster she did and to Sam and Anneliessa and the VAC for hosting and for being awesome.

here are some more photos from the weekend (make sure and check out Scott's photo blog!!! link above):

super spicy pad thai before the boise show...kind of got us all a little freaky...


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy With What You Got Bash

///we celebrated being back in Idaho and having what we have, even if it's not much, with a bunch of our Wood River Valley friends the day after Thanksgiving... Friday, Nov. 28th... in our friend Adryan's woodshop / apt. in Bellevue, ID. party started early with a potluck and big group mural effort... spirits were high. it was a fantastic way to help celebrate Adryan's birthday and being home from tour...

our buddy Piers Lamb and his band featuring Gravy McDavy (patrick) from The Maladies on lead guitar and Matt Guyer on drums got the music started with some alt-country rock and roll. we played a couple of super fun sets after that.

thanks to everyone that came out and welcomed us home. so rad to see you all. we'll be playing at Fresshies in Hailey on FRI DEC 19th. if you don't see you before then, hope to see you then.

mural turned out awesome. don't have final photos of it, but here's a couple other shots of it in progress...